Can a Muslim Woman Marry a Christian Man?


Yes, a Muslim woman can marry a Christian woman. Marriage is a life time commitment so it should be more about the person you love and not what religion they are from. You have to be comfortable with your partner and that can only happen if you love someone. On the other hand it is always best for a woman to convert to the man's religion.
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It is not illegal to do so. They would probably need to have a civil marriage, I doubt either religion would tolerate a Church or Mosque wedding.
@bob, that is for the mushriqeen(polythesists) when the polythesists were camping/planning to fight/attack the muslims, their(mushriqeen) wives returned to the muslim camps and converted
the answer to your question is relatively simple. it is not possible to have a legal marriage in turkey to anyone except a civil marriage. turkey does not recognize any form of religious
1. Say "Salamalaikum, which literally means "peace be upon you. If you have been greeted with this phrase, you may want to say "Valaikum-salam" which means "
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