Can a Natural Gas Water Tank Be Converted to Propane?


It is possible to convert any appliance fuelled by either natural gas or propane to run on the other provided an approved conversion kit is available. This usually involves changing the internal parts to compensate for the differing pressures between the two.
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1. Purchase a conversion kit or the individual parts that fit your model of hot water tank. 2. Remove the cover plate from the base of your water heater unit. Locate the two metal
Due to possible liability you should never convert a water heater unless the manufacturer specifically has instructions that state that it is ok to do so.
I can provide part of the answer for you. A 20lb propane cylinder contains roughly 440,000 btu's of energy. With a 20,000 btu load you have 22 hours of burn time. Propane cylinders
Hello, Mc I was trying to help you out here. Maybe this will help some? I was going backto some customers that asked questions in the recent past and even fartherback. It appeared
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