Can a Neutered Male Dog Still Mate?


Neutered dogs can still go through the act of mating. However, they will not be able to impregnate a female dog. Be sure to spay and neuter your pets if you are not planning on mating them.
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For the same reason that virtually any male that's had a vasectomy is still interested in sex. The dynamics are a bit different but it's the same principle.
1. Keep the dog from eating the day he will mate. When a dog has a full stomach, he may not feel up to the task of breeding. 2. Muzzle the female dog to keep her from biting or snapping
Some vets do perform vasectomies rather than orchiectomy, but neutering is far more common. For pets, it's as much about behavior as birth control. Male dogs and cats are significantly
Intact females should be kept away from ANY males. This statement is so because the act of mating is instinct. Even though they may not have their testicles anymore, the scent of
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A neutered dog can still mate, but he will not be able to produce offspring. He will be less likely to mount other dogs and objects. However, mounting is more ...
Neutering a male dog is the process of removing the reproductive parts so it cannot reproduce. The effects of neutering are all mainly positive. The dog will be ...
1. Walk your dog immediately upon returning home. A short walk is all that is necessary, just long enough for it to use the bathroom. Look for any signs of straining ...
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