Can a neutered male dog still mate?


A neutered male dog may become sexually aroused post neutering but cannot breed with a female dog. Neutering diminishes arousal in most dogs, but there is the possibility of a neutered dog becoming attracted to a female in heat and trying to mount her.

Neutering may stop the dog from mounting other dogs or people, but mounting isn't always a sexual behavior in dogs. Some dogs mount other dogs as a way to show dominance or as a form of canine play. Arousal in neutered dogs can result in an attempt to mate, but even if he is successful at mating, it will not result in a litter.

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For the same reason that virtually any male that's had a vasectomy is still interested in sex. The dynamics are a bit different but it's the same principle.
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Male dogs are typically neutered by castration, or the removal of the testicles to prevent breeding and to reduce sex hormones. Dogs may also be neutered through the injection of
There is not really a set age, because different breeds of
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