Can a New Driver Go on Another Person's Car Insurance?


If the person has a fully comprehensive policy, another person can drive the car and if the policy is not available one should either change the policy to include the provision for driving another person?s vehicle or ensure that the other person?s insurance policy has a clause which allows for any driver. This is necessary because without it the insurance company shall refuse to pay for a car being driven by another person.
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1. Call your insurance company and let them know you want to add another person to your insurance policy. You will need to provide the company with the person's name, date of birth,
File a claim with the other party's carrier and hope that they accept liability for the incident, otherwise you may learn a lesson the hard way.
Bodily injury liability
Morally the driver should pay anything over and above insurance. But if driver doesn't pay, ultimately if the owner wants to have the car fixed, owner will have to pay if the driver
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