Can a parent with joint physical custody move the children to another state?


In the situation when a parent who has joint physical custody wants to move out of state, that parent cannot do that without permission. The parent would need to go back to the judge and ask the judge to grant them permission. In most cases the other parent will fight this and many times the judge might deny the move.
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The judge should not have a problem with the child's best interest. The father would need to file a petition for primary custody before the child could legally change residents. However
All orders in Virginia are required to include language that gives you the burden of filing an intention to move 30 days in advance of your actual moving. That would give the father
In Kansas, no parent with residential custody of a child can move out of the state without permission from the other parent or a court. In determining whether to approve the move,
If two parents have joint physical custody and one wants to move out of state, the move would not necessarily bring an end to joint physical custody. If the parents cannot reach an
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