Can someone be charged with leaving the scene of an accident?


Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime in every state according to LegalMatch. It is assumed that drivers will stop to render aid if involved in an accident, regardless of fault, and failing to do so can garner a criminal charge or even a hit-and-run charge.

Stopping after an accident gives those involved the change to offer assistance to any injured parties, call for help and exchange information regarding insurance and identity. Laws that require those involved in an accident to stay at the scene are also designed to keep those who may incur civil liability or criminal charges as a result of the accident at the scene until law enforcement officials clear the scene and give them permission to leave.

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If there is no property damage, there's no accident. The question doesn't make sense.
A driver who leaves the scene of an accident can
Leaving the Scene of an Accident/Hit and Run. Any driver who fails to fulfill their duties after being involved in an accident can receive a traffic ticket, at a minimum. In some
If the accident results in injury or death, this is what the Nevada statute says: A person failing to comply with the provisions of subsection 1 is guilty of a category B felony and
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