Can a Person Go to Jail for Being Held in Contempt of Court?


It might vary depending on your specific state law. But in most states you can go to jail for contempt of court. Even in a civil situation, where you are ordered to pay a certain debt, you can go to jail for contempt. While it may be illegal to put someone in jail because they owe a bill or a debt, it is not illegal to place them in jail for failure to follow the court order. The fact that the order was to pay a bill or repay a debt doesn't matter because you are in contempt for failure to follow the order rather than for failure to repay the debt. It's kind of a loophole, but its legal so you could face jail.
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The person first has to be indicted on the felony before he will be taken to court to dispose of his case. Dallas County does allow Grand Jury waivers on most State Jail felonies.
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