Could a man with an AB blood type be the father of a child with type O blood?


A man with type AB blood cannot be the father of a child with type O blood. A child with type O blood would have to get the O allele from both its father and mother.

In the ABO blood typing system in humans, three types of alleles, or forms, of the blood type gene exist: A, B and O. Having type O blood is a recessive trait that requires two O alleles. The A and B alleles are codominant, so both are expressed. Each person can inherit only two alleles, one each from both mother and father. A man with AB blood can only pass on either the A or B alleles to his offspring, not an O allele.

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3. 50 percent. Let's take all the possibilities: Man=OO (this is the only O genotype possible) Woman=AB. Child is either AO or BO. O means no antigen, so the phenotype of AO is A
Mom Dad. A B. A A. O A. O B. With the first combination, the bloodtype is AB. Second and third it is A. Fourth it is B. So Type A is 1/2, type AB is 1/4, type B is 1/4. No chance
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