Can a Po Box and a Street Address Both Appear on an Envelope?


Yes, at times people have a physical address for shipping purposes, but have a P O Box for the Us Mail. A lot of people like to include both addresses when they are mailing something and that is fine. If there is a P O Box listed the mail would just go to the P O Box and there would be no confusion.
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Put the PO box after the street name. such as. Mrs. Bla bla. Talkative street. Po Box 13949583930382940. blank blank, bla, 849574.
UPS/FED EX/any non-postal service will not ship to a PO Box, because they cannot get into it. If you need to ship by UPS/FED EX use the street address only, dont list the PO box.
20 million.
The correct way is to have the PO Box on the line directly above the City, State, Zip line. Mr. John Smith 1234 Main Street PO Box 905 Sometown, NC 01234
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