Can a Real Estate Contract Be Broken?


A real estate contract is usually between the intended buyer and the seller (real estate Company) and it usually involves the client committing to pay money for their services. In the event that the doesn't commit in writing to pay, then there will not be any contract breach because the company will look for another buyer but if a client commits in writing to pay and fails to pay, then a contract is breached.
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Contact the buyers or their real estate agent, in writing. Explain that circumstances have changed, and that you no longer wish to sell; promise to return the buyer's earnest money
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1. Talk to your agent or broker and explain why you want to get out of the contract. Discuss whether you want to break the contract with an agent because you have decided not to sell
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Can a Real Estate Contract Be Broken?
A real estate contract is a legal document and can't be broken without cause under penalty of law. To legally escape from a real estate contract an individual must be able to exhibit a justifiable reason to cancel the deal.... More »
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