Can a Resident Alien Get a Passport to Travel?


You must be an official citizen of the United States to obtain a United States passport. You must submit evidence of citizenship to get the passport. If you wish to travel as a resident alien, you can, but you will need to go to your home country to obtain a travel passport through them.
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The states in the U.S. are not separate countries, so if you have a visa and were admitted to the country at landing in an international airport, you do not have any concerns. All
A US citizen must now have a passport, PASS card, or
They say you do not need a passport for the USVI, but you will need identification. This must be a certified birth certificate with a raised seal. It cannot be a copy. You must also
You must travel with an unexpired passport and your green card. As long as your green card is valid, you will be re-admitted to the US. As for what you need to enter and leave the
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You need a passport or something similar to prove your identity and also any document that proves your area of residence. on-citizens must provide their alien ...
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