Can a Restraining Order Be Removed?


A restraining order is a legal, court-recognized statement that restricts an individual from engaging in certain freedoms such as association or movement. Yes, a restraining order can be lifted or overruled. For this, one requires a registered lawyer who proceeds a petition to the court that issued it for its lifting.
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1. Review the current law in your state regarding expunging (removing) criminal records. This law varies widely by state. In most states it is difficult; in some, it is impossible
Get yourself a good lawyer.
Call your local sheriffs office, tell them you didn't want it and want it removed asap. Go to your local police station as well, also contact the disrict atourney. Source(s) Husband
1. Visit the Clark County Courthouse and ask the clerk court for the appropriate forms. The application includes an affidavit, defendant worksheet and victim worksheet. You can apply
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