Can a Rottweiler Beat a Pitbull?


A Rottweiler and a Pit bull duel would most likely end up in a draw as both dog breeds are roughly of equal build though Pit bulls have been known to duel to the death in some battles. In spite of their calm temperament, Rottweiler's are powerfully built.
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Pound for pound no other dog can beat a pitbull. However the Dogo Argentino is much heavier and taller than the pitbull and also an excellent fighter.
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They are extremely vicious dogs if treated badly or forced to fight, it's fighting spirit that compells the dog to keep fighting. Small but mighty. Depending on its personality and
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A Rottweiler can beat a pit bull. This is a very dangerous situation to test and find out. In most states it is illegal to create dog fights. This offense is punishable by jail and/or fees.
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