Can a Rottweiler Beat a Pitbull?


A Rottweiler and a Pit bull duel would most likely end up in a draw as both dog breeds are roughly of equal build though Pit bulls have been known to duel to the death in some battles. In spite of their calm temperament, Rottweiler's are powerfully built.
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pound per pound they would be of equal strength. On average, pits are somewhat smaller, but due to breeding, are more geared to fearlessly advance, thus leading to the belief they
Pitbulls are more dangerous because of their stubbornness, but Rottweilers
Depending on what your looking for in a dog, i couldnt answer your question. i do own five (american pitbull terriers) myself and i can tell you that they are great dogs. ive owned
Rottweiler, I haven't watched the video you linked but I am pretty sure its the video I saw a while ago. With the three dogs and a pressure tester.
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A Rottweiler can beat a pit bull. This is a very dangerous situation to test and find out. In most states it is illegal to create dog fights. This offense is punishable by jail and/or fees.
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