Can a Stolen Cell Phone Be Traced?


The answer is yes, in most cases. Nearly all current cell phones have GPS which can locate the phone. They also can be found by triangulation when used. Some cell phone companies provide the ability to see exactly where your phone is in real time.
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1. Begin your cell phone search with AccuTracking. You will need an existing account with the AccuTracking service to trace the missing phone. Log in with your username and password
1 Call the number. Explain to whomever answers that you've been receiving calls from the number. Politely ask who they are. If they tell you, no need to continue! If they don't, try
at least 20% of kids are stealing Cell Phone from every school are doing. They steal it from lockers and backpacks when some kids aren't looking
Call the phone. They can definitely track it, but first they don't want to take the expense for a simple phone. Just say it was stoeln by terrorist and see them jump. All phone unless
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Can a Stolen Cell Phone Be Traced?
In this day and age, nearly everyone worries about losing a cell phone, or worse, getting it stolen, as we rely on this convenient device to connect us to family, friends and co-workers on a daily basis. But don't fret--there are ways you can have the... More »
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Tracing text messages on cell phones can be done by typing in the ten character telephone number that the message was sent from and hit search. If the number is ...
A person can easily trace a restricted cell phone number by asking for the call blocking service. The annoyance desk can also be accessed. A police report may ...
It can be tough to trace private calls on cell phones. These are the calls received from people or businesses who are actively blocking their number for some reason ...
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