Can a Thesis Statement Be a Question?


A thesis statement can not be a question. A thesis statement has to take a side to an issue that can be argued. The point of an essay is to prove your thesis and you can not prove a question.
Q&A Related to "Can a Thesis Statement Be a Question"
1. Determine the main idea of the essay. Since the thesis statement represents the central idea of the paper, it is necessary for you to understand what that idea is. For example,
1. Bring up an ARGUMENT, (ex. If your question is "The United States Of America is the greatest country in the world AGREE or DISAGREE? Your thesis statement could be: "
If the thesis statement is a question, then the reader gets the chance to absorb the topic and think about the question at hand. It's a wonderful hook, in order for the audience to
Well, a thesis statement needs to consist of a restating of the question as well as a brief description of the points that will be described throughout the paper. If you know the
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