Can a Tingling Finger on the Left Hand Be the Sign of a Stroke?


Yes, a tingling sensation on the finger of the left hand could be a sign of the stroke. It could also be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome. If it goes up your arm see the doctor right away.
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neuropathy. it might be diabetic neuropathy where the nerves are being damaged by the high sugar level in the blood. Do not let anyone tell you that it cannot be helped,especially
It should be half from my arm and trough my wrist to the tips of my fingers. When I am stress I get that as well and it's usually when I overwork myself or with the overload at work
Tingling in the left hand ? this is a indication of carpel tunnel and it starts in the wrist . The tunnel runs though the wrist and pressure can be on the tunnels and press against
Sounds like it could be tendinitis or
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Tingling of the fingers in the left hand may be a symptom of a more serious problem. If the tingling is temporary and produces few symptoms, then most likely ...
There are several things that could cause swollen hands and tingling fingers in the left hand such as a pinched nerve. Other causes of swelling and tingling in ...
Numbness or tingling in the hand may only mean the hand is asleep. This could also be a sign of poor circulation. This could be a warning sign of stroke. ...
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