Can a Toothache Cause an Earache?


Yes, a toothache can cause an earache. The pain from an infected tooth can travel and make it feel like your ear is hurting.
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It definitely can. There's a growing amount of dentists called "Biologic dentists" now that believe tooth problems are directly correlated to other health problems. So for
Sometimes ear pain is caused by trauma to the ear. Such trauma can be due to excessive ear picking or exposure to extremely loud noises. Two relatively benign sources of ear pain
I think when you are stressed it causes a headache.
For a toothache, gargle with warm salt water and take a
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A toothache can cause ear pain. A lingering tooth ache can even lead into ear infections if not treated properly. ...
A toothache can last for a long time. It can even become infected, causing you more pain. Your best bet is to see a dentist as soon as possible. It could be serious ...
Toothaches hurt more at night time because when you are lying down the blood flows to your head which may cause more pressure to the aching tooth. It could also ...
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