Can a Woman Wear Black to a Wedding?


I think it's safer not to do it. Some cultures find black clothing not suitable for celebratory occasions.
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It is either black tie or optional, but generally it is not both. On the safe side the woman can wear a pair of nice slacks with a fancy top and some dainty jewelry; a dress (any
1. Ask the bride for her opinion. This is important if you’re unsure about how the bride will feel if you show up in black. If you think she will mind, ask. If she doesn&rsquo
There's so much choice for a fall wedding. Colour schemes are fantastic around this time of year. I'd go for a lovely bold colour: Lemon or Gold; purple or burgundy; Possibly red.'t-you-wear-...
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Can a Woman Wear Black to a Wedding?
Etiquette has always played an important and intimidating role in weddings, right down to the attire of the guests. Black, that trendy and oh-so-slimming color, never goes out of style, and women often wonder if they can wear it to weddings.... More »
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