Can a Yeast Infection Cause an Abnormal Pap Smear?


Yes, a yeast infection can cause an abnormal pap smear. However, it is important to note that many other things can cause an abnormal pap smear. These possibilities include herpes, HPV, or dysplaysia.
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An abnormal pap smear does not mean that you have or will have cervical cancer. It means that there was a change in your cervix that can cause cancer. You need to follow your Dr.'
A Pap smear is a pain-free test that identifies abnormal changes to the cells surrounding the cervix. The University of Michigan explains that during a pelvic exam, the attending
Most of the time, abnormal cell changes on the cervix are caused by certain types
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Abnormal cells from a pap smear may indicate cervical cancer, but that isn't always the case. Other causes can be yeast infection cells that were picked up during ...
Abnormal Pap smear test means the cells from the cervix do not look normal. Abnormal Pap smear may indicate an infection or an inflammation, herpes, trichomoniasis ...
When doctors check for a yeast infection, it is not necessary to do a pap smear. A pap smear is a test used to detect pre-cancerous and cancerous processes. A ...
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