Can Adult Eye Color Change?


For most people, eye color does not change as an adult. The amount of melanin - the pigment that colours the irises - usually remains about the same after eye color finishes developing during infancy. However, in a tiny percentage of people, eye color does change as an adult. This can happen as a gradual change throughout adolescence and adulthood due to genetic predisposition, or more quickly due to eye diseases such as pigmentary glaucoma.
Q&A Related to "Can Adult Eye Color Change?"
Eye color does not actually change with mood. What does change is the way light reflects off the iris, creating the impression that the color of the eye has changed. To understand
Change in the color of the iris in an adult is quite unusual. Possible causes include the effects of drugs, injuries, neurologic conditions, tumors in the eye and chronic inflammations
yes if you take spice melange from arrakis it would change blue.
From our video partners Vision Health A step-by-step "how-to" instruction. Yes, they change color often. One example is babies eyes are often blue but change to other colors
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