Can an Employer Change Your Working Hours?


An employer can change your working hours when a need arises. The change in working hours can be due to the prevailing economic conditions or a change in the laws and regulations. This will lead to the alteration of the employment contract and you will have to make an agreement with the employer.
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1. Obtain a H1-B visa form from the office of Citizenship and Immigration services. Do this before April 1 of each year, as this is the annual deadline for employer work permit applications
Report them, preferable with some kind of proof. More detail: You can report them to your state Labor Board, which has offices in most major cities. It won't cost you anything (no
It depends a lot on the department. In IBD (where I worked), analysts and associates stay until pretty late (2 am) and they expect they will spend the weekend in the office. The difference
First of all, you don't "threaten" your employer with anything, let alone quitting. If you "threaten" him with anything, you may find yourself out the door. Secondly
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Your employer can change your working hours after negotiation and agreement. Your employer cannot change working hours without each other's agreement. Other things ...
Employers can change working hours of employees where there is no contractual clause authorising them to do so. However, this would entail a course for a formal ...
An employer can change an employee's working hours even where there is no contractual clause authorising it to do so, but this should involve following a process ...
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