Can an Employer Deny Vacation Time?


It all depends on the state you live in, California state require employers to let employees use vacation when the needs of the business allows it, the rest of the country does not regulate how vacation time is administered.
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To qualify for time off under the provisions of the FMLA, you must work for an employer that employs at least 50 people within a 75-mile radius of your work location. Additionally
if you quit and walk out and if they will not hire you back but you can do a interview with them and unemployment to see if they will pay this happened to me in Florida i was worrking
Generally speaking, if an H1B worker's petition to change employer is denied, unless s/he returns to employer A as soon as the denial notice is issued, s/he would fall out of status
Your employer can protest your unemployment benefits but can't deny
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Absent federal or State legal compulsions, no employer is obligated to give anyone any vacation or sick pay. Unless required by law or by a labor contract, those ...
Where I work the boss is always right, so my guess would be the same at your employment place. I would check with HR and let them know there is an issue with your ...
If you have accrued vacation time from your place of employment you are entitled to take it but, the employer has the right to set prime time dates as to how many ...
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