Can an Employer Withhold a Final Paycheck?


A company cannot withhold an employee's final pay check or any kind of pay check for that matter. It is against the law to withhold anyone's pay check when they have already undertaken their duties.
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Employers may withhold wages if required to do so by state or federal laws. For example, employers typically withhold a percentage of each paycheck to forward to the Internal Revenue
They can only hold it until the next regularly scheduled pay period you would have gotten paid.
I am not an expert on OH wage law, but did a search of their site - not the easiest site to get info. from. From what I am able to ascertain, OH doesn't have a "final check"
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An employer cannot withhold your pay check. It is the duty of the employer to pay your wages appropriately and on time. However, the employer may withhold monies ...
Employees have the right to know how much they will be paid and how often. They are also entitled to receive an individual, detailed written pay statement from ...
An employer can hold a final paycheck for many reasons. If the employee has company property, such as tools, paperwork, a truck, or anything else, the employer ...
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