Can an Estate Agent Charge a Tenant for a Reference?


Letting agencies can levy certain charges before you move into the property and the charges may include making references.
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Rental commissions are subject to antitrust provisions. This means they are not subject to standardization in the market, but are negotiable between the agent and client. Exchanging
obviously as long as you are sucker enough to pay it! finders fee, by their very nature, are supposed to be a one time thing.
It depends on how tight the rental market is and how low the vacancy rate in your neighborhood of choice. Typical fees for leasing brokers are 1 month's rent. Sometimes they'll go
It's open to negotiation. However, two points are worth bearing in mind. On the one hand, the price may be much lower than the average house asking price -- which will limit an agent's
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Real estate agents' charges vary as per agreement and contract with the property owner. The rate for an agent's commission on a sale of a property can range between ...
As of 2012, estate agents selling residential property charge 2-3% of the sale price. If they handle commercial properties, they charge 7-10% of the price. For ...
An estate agent is a person who is mandated to act as an agent for the sale of land. An estate Agent usually charges 2.5 per cent commission (£7,500). ...
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