Can an Object Be Increasing in Speed as Its Acceleration Decreases?


Even though it might sound like a contradiction in terms, an object can indeed be increasing in speed even as its acceleration decreases. To visualize how this would be possible, imagine someone accelerating in their car when there is a green light after having been stopped at a red light. Initially, they would quickly speed up (accelerate) and over time they would gradually increase their speed, yet at a lower rate; as their initial acceleration decreases.
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It stays the same. Acceleration due to gravity is (within the normal ranges we talk about around the earth) a constant, 9.8 m/s^2. Or, said in words, "9.8 meters per second,
This would make the acceleration
Answer 1. Good questions. 1. Car A is overtaking. a) Car B at 40 kph can't be passing anyone who is doing 60 kph, no matter what the acceleration. b) In one minute both cars will
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Acceleration is defined when the rate of speed of an object is increasing. When the rate of speed of an object is decreasing, it is called deceleration. An object ...
Acceleration is the increase in the rate or speed of something. It can also be described as the increase of motion or action. In physics, specifically kinematics ...
When throwing a ball upward, its speed will decrease by a rate of 32.2 ft/s^2, or 9.81 m/s^2. This is the number of the acceleration of an object due to gravity. ...
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