Can an Object Have a Varying Speed If Its Velocity Is Constant?


Many wonder can an object have a varying speed if its velocity is constant. Speed is the magnitude of velocity, which is the rate of change in the position of an object. Thus if there's no change in velocity, it follows that there's no change in speed.
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Consider an object turning in a circle at a constant speed. Because velocity is not just the value of speed, but also the direction in which the object is moving, the velocity would
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if you can remember the fundamental of physics, where vertor quantities and scalar quantities are concerned, you can probably remember that scalar quantities have just a size or a
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Constant velocity allows a rotating shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, a constant rotational speed, without an appreciable increase. ...
Velocity is used to describe the rate of change that an object moves when speed and motion is applied to the object. Speed is used to only describe how fast an ...
Constant velocity is when an object covers a distance in equal time interval. This means there is no force exerted to ensure the object is in motion hence it moves ...
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