Can an Oil Furnace Be Converted to Gas?


Yes, an oil furnace can be converted to gas. Converting an oil furnace to a gas furnace will save the person a lot of money. This is a do it yourself project but it can take some time and patiences.
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1. Prepare a barrel or other storage tank for the waste oil. A 55-gallon drum is commonly used. Place the drum above the intake to the furnace to allow the fuel to drain by gravity
How can you covert an oil furnace to an electric furnace.
can't be done, and why would you want to change? gas in the long run is way cheaper and less smelly than oil and the maintenance on it is far cheaper. the only way that it could be
Your best bet is to buy an ozone generator. The ozone gas will mingle with vapors and oxidize them. You will be amazed at how efficient these little are. Plus, they are great for
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