Can an Ostrich Fly?


An ostrich cannot fly due to its massive size and weight which can weigh up to about136 kilograms. The size of its wing span is small compared to its weight and size hence making flight impossible. However, it has powerful legs that enable it run fast achieving up to 70 kilometres per hour.
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Ostriches are huge birds and they weigh allot. Their wings are not strong enough or big enough to actually lift them off the ground so they can't fly.
They can't, unless you count jumps and leaps as flying.
The ostrich is the largest and heaviest living bird. It's wings are undersized and used for't-ostriches...
its because evolution, the don´t have a natural enemie(as most of the birds do) so their muscles in their winds are not strong enough to carry all the weight, they do have strong
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Ostriches cannot fly. They are flightless.
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Ostriches cannot fly because they are too heavy to do so. They don't have the right types of muscles to actually allow them to be airborne. You can find more ...
Not all birds fly, for instance the ostrich and the penguins. However, most birds can fly and flying birds have strong, hollow bones and powerful flight muscles. ...
Birds that can't fly include ostriches, emus, turkeys, penguins and kiwis. Other birds that are classified as flightless are cassowaries, common rhea and kakapo. ...
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