Can an Ostrich Fly?


An ostrich cannot fly due to its massive size and weight which can weigh up to about136 kilograms. The size of its wing span is small compared to its weight and size hence making flight impossible. However, it has powerful legs that enable it run fast achieving up to 70 kilometres per hour.
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Ostriches cannot fly. They are flightless.
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too heavy
Not only are they too heavy, their body has been altered so that th...
They refuse to give up their box cutters and nail clippers so the FAA has banned all ostriches from commercial flights. The really rich ostriches have been seen on private planes
The ostrich is the largest & heaviest living bird. It is a flightless bird, instead its built for running.Ostriches can sprint short bursts up to 43mph
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The ostrich is a typically a flightless bird. This is because it basically doesn't have a breastbone known as a keeled sternum that all flying birds have. ...
An ostrich is an African bird that does not fly. It has a long neck and legs and two toes on each foot. ...
An ostrich is a bird that is unable to fly, however can run at lightning speeds of 45 mph. It has a very long neck, long legs, and a feathered fat body. ...
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