Can an STD Cause a Skin Rash?


An STD can indeed cause a skin rash. Syphilis is one sexually transmitted disease that can cause a rash on the skin and genital area. Herpes can also cause a rash in the genital area.
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This is a type of skin rash triggered by touching a material that causes an allergy on the skin or by something that simply irritates the skin. Contact dermatitis is commonly caused
that sucks. yo you got some syphillis. dont worry its viral that means its curable. go to the doctor youll get prescribed some kind of pennicillon. It could also be a form of herpes
Rash with infectious spots are also associated with stage two of the Std Syphilis.That's the's-cause-a-...
Possibly Seborrheic Keratosis or bad eczema Embed Quote
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