Can an Ulcer Kill You?


Ulcers do not pose a very high risk to the body and keep occurring frequently. The only time when an ulcer can actually prove to be deadly is when it leads to uncontrolled bleeding.
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Quite simply, the bacteria are acid-stable which is to say, they can live just fine in a pH that low (about 2) Bacteria throughout the world have adapted biochemically in order to
I had some really bad the one day and went to the hospital (that's how bad it was). Anyway, the doctor there said he would give me a prescription for medicine but if I did not have
There are several different types of ulcers, which all involve and
The most common type of mouth ulcers are called 'apthous' ulcers. They are probably viral. (Though no virus has been identified.)This means they should not be given antibiotics as
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Tylenol is an NSAID pain reliever intended for humans. Any dosage of Tylenol can kill a dog, even if you feed it the children's type. It can cause ulcers in dogs ...
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