Can Antibiotics Delay Your Period?


Antibiotics can delay your menstrual period as they may interfere with body mechanism for secreting the human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone, which causes shedding of the uterus. The effects of taking antibiotics should be fully explained to you by the doctor issuing the prescription.
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Antibiotics don't delay periods but if you are on the pill you risk pregnancy since the antibiotics makes the pills not work.
No set rules for how long antibiotics can delay
If you normally work out everyday or once in a while don't. Around the time of your period do not do any type of exercises , because this will cause cramps to come on and your period
I've never heard of antibiotics delaying the period. I do know that if you take birth control and antibiotics at the same time, the antibiotics lessen the effectiveness of the birth
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Stress can delay your menstrual period for several weeks or even a few months. Stress affects a hormone known as GnRH by causing the amount of this hormone to ...
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