Can anxiety cause a rash?


Rashes are one of the symptoms that occur due to anxiet,y according to the American Institute of Stress. Anxiety is a condition of worrying and fear that causes many things to happen to the body.

Stress can have an emotional and physical response in the body, and this can result in stress hives. People tend to break out more with pimples when they have anxiety or are stressed, and the same is true with rashes. The rash is usually small red bumps or hives over the body that are itchy. According to WebMD, histamine is released with stress and causes adverse reactions to the immune system.

A way to help alleviate the rash/hives is to relax. Take deep long breaths and try to remain calm. Trying to get rid of the anxiety will help to get rid of the rash. Over time, the rash will slowly go away and get better.

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