Can apple juice spoil?


Apple juice can spoil if it is not used by the manufacturer's expiration date or if it is improperly stored. Whether or not it is refrigerated at the time of purchase largely determines how it should be stored to prevent spoilage.

Apple juice that is cold at the time of purchase should remain under refrigeration to keep it fresh until its expiration date is exceeded. Cans and bottles that are purchased warm may be stored for approximately one year on a pantry shelf before they will go bad.

Apple juice eventually turns into vinegar if not consumed, making it easy to tell when it has spoiled. When past its prime, the juice will have the odor of apple cider vinegar or alcohol or just smell sour.

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It will ferment because of the wild or air-born yeast that gets in the apple juice. The yeast then eats the sugar, creating CO2, which is where u get fizzling bubbles. Altogether,
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if it's cloudy, it's spoiled. if it tastes like vinegar, it's spoiled.
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