Can Bald Men Get Lice?


Bald men can get lice because they not only affect the scalp of the head but they also affect eyelashes and eyebrows. You can get lice if you share personal items such as towels, combs etc or when you get into close contact with someone who has lice.
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1. Speak to a physician to determine the cause of balding. Some people experience hair loss due to shifts in hormones, while others may be recovering from a recent illness. Certain
1. Have your hair buzzed down to a "zero" with clippers. It would be best to get a barber to do this initially, however, if you feel confident enough you can do this yourself
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Male pattern baldness, is when the male hormone, testosterone converts into dihytestosterone (DHT). DHT attaches to the hair follicles making them smaller and smaller untill the hair
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