Can Big Cats Purr?


The four main big cats, that is the lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar, have specially adapted larynxes which enable them to roar but not purr. The lion is believed to have the longest larynx which enables it to produce the loudest roar.
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They can. It is now thought that all cats, even "big" cats such as the tiger, that can roar, can purr. Big cats, with their specially-designed throats, can only make a purring
Actually, the cheetah, Eurasian lynx, and puma can all purr, and some big
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Cats that purr, such as mountain lions and bobcats, can’t roar. And cats that roar, such as lions and tigers, can’t purr.
The issue of whether big cats purr or not is debatable. Scientists disagree on the issue, even though there are some definite big cats like lynx, cheetahs and cougars that do purr. Scientists on the other hand believe that big cats do not purr but they roar.
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