Can black mold make you sick?


Black mold is the other name for Stachybotrys Chartarum.It can make you very sick, because it produces mycotoxin. In infants, it can cause lung bleeding.
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Call your doctor immediately if you have detected mold in your home and suspect it is making you ill. Alert your doctor even if you have not found mold but are suffering from symptoms
Hey, ive seen a lot of black mold as i have to clean it from houses and at the company i work for we try and follow these 4 steps. Hope this can help! Step 1. looking for black mold
In January 1993, an infant in the Cleveland, Ohio area -- the first of 27 -- suffered acute pulmonary hemorrhaging. The children bled from their airways, their lungs infected with
I'm in NJ too and have bad allergies to this state :o) I cleaned out the basement the past 2 days and it has mold and it caused me to be nauseous and dizzy. So, yes, mold has that
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Mould can make you sick because it produces allergens, toxins and irritants that can have adverse effects on human health. The likeliness and the extent to which ...
No, you will not get sick from eating mold. There are only certain kinds of mold that will make you sick. These are those molds that excrete what are known as ...
Mold can look gray, black, white and even brown. Mold is a noun that refers to a fury growth of fungal hyphae that mostly occurs in moist conditions. Mold found ...
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