Can Bleach Fumes Make You Sick?


Yes, it is possible for bleach fumes to make you sick. The fumes consist of chlorine gas and it can be poisonous. It is important to have the area ventilated when using bleach.
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Bleach is a household item that is a staple in most homes. It is used frequently to clean and disinfect, and for a multitude of other purposes. However, bleach contains toxic chemicals
Bleach fumes present in a moderate concentration can cause irritation of the throat and lungs. This irritation can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few days depending on the
Breathing the fumes of bleach will subject the body to intolerant levels of chlorine
You inhaled too much bleach fumes. Use bleach only in well ventilated areas. Open the windows and use a fan to air out the bleach smell. Stay out of the area with the smell. Inhaling
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Bleach fumes can be very serious if inhaled for long periods of time. It is always important to keep the house or area where bleach is being used ventilated. It ...
Inhaling bleach fumes can be fairly dangerous. This is especially true if it is done on a regular basis. If you inhale bleach fumes, you can cause blistering and ...
Infrequent exposure to Clorox bleach fumes is not going to do anything bad to you. However, constantly inhaling bleach fumes is going to cause a lot of health ...
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