Can my breasts produce milk if I am not pregnant?


In practice, it's possible to produce milk even without being pregnant for various reasons. This is because milk production is triggered by the hormone called prolactin whose quantities can surge for various reasons. Use of certain birth control drugs like those which contain metoclopramide or thioridazine has been associated with increased prolactin/milk production in non-pregnant women.
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It only happens in newly born babies where there is a transfer of hormones from mother to baby and baby produces witch milk.
I don't think you can and even if you could if you are adopting a child I wouldn't recommend it because your milk could be toxic to the baby because its different than what they were
A prolactinoma is a benign tumor of the pituitary
Talk to your doctor about getting medication that can help induce lactation, as well as start a pumping schedule. There are other ways of helping as well, like getting an SMS machine
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There are a number of reasons why a person will produce breast milk without being pregnant. Some of the reasons why this will happen include taking certain medication ...
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According to Women's Health Queensland Wide, women can produce milk when they are not pregnant. Many things can cause milk production, such as certain medications ...
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