Can Brother and Sister Cats Breed?


Brother and sister cats can mate easily because they are not restricted by taboos about incest like human beings. When the time to mate comes, these two pets would not look elsewhere for a sexual partner.
Q&A Related to "Can Brother and Sister Cats Breed?"
I (at this moment sitting next to me) have a cat of 12 years old who is the result of brother and sister mating and he has the size of his mother and the colouring exactly of his
It is not recommende for brother and sister to breed because they have the same DNA and can result in issues with the babies(kind of like humans) However this may sound strange, but
I know a guy that has bred over 10 dachshunds: brothers, sisters, c...
Hi, with shepherds there are tons of disadvantages to inbreeding brothers & sisters. Basically what happens is you are combining genes that have already been combined. A good
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