Can Brown Eyes Parents Have a Blue Eyed Child?


Yes, brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed child. However, two blue eyed parents almost never conceive a brown eyed child. Both parents' genetics play a role in the eye color of their children.
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This is not an easy question to answer if possible at all. The early ideas of eye color and genetics is obsolete. Parents may produce a child of any eye color combination. Until we
Eye color is determined by genetics. Genes
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Don't feel dumb, my teacher told me the exact same thing on Friday. That it is possible for two brown eyed parents to have a child with blue eyes but not the other way around. However
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Brown eyed parents can have blue eyed children. The brown eye colour gene is normally dominant over the blue eye colour gene. However, in this case, each of the two brown-eyed parents must have one parent(the children's grandparent) who has blue eyes. This makes the brown-eyed parents have a probability of 0.25 of getting blue-eyed children.
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The laws of genetics say that eye colour is inherited as follows: If both the parents have blue eyes, the kids will have blue eyes. Therefore, it is not possible ...
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