Can Budgies Eat Fruit?


Budgies do eat fresh fruit and it is one of the recommended additions to their usual seed food. Pineapples, banana, apples among other fruits can be safely given. The unsafe fruits to give budgies include plums, lemons and avocados. Budgies can also be given fresh vegetables such as eggplant.
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apricot pears apples peaches and oranges apparently.
Wild budgerigars mainly eat grass seeds. Domesticated budgies should have a diet of seeds supplemented with whole grains, fruit, edible flowers, greens, vegetables, or sprouts.
apples. bananna's. kiwi. pomagranate. berries. grapes. pears. peaches. strawberry's. orange. tangerine. pineapple. apricots. rasberries. figs. melons. cherries. cantaloupe. mango.
Hi again, David, Birds won't eat food they don't recognize as food. Therefore, you have to keep offering it to them every day until they get used to it. They will eventually try
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In addition to seed, budgies should mainly eat vegetables, fresh fruits, and greens. They can also eat almost anything humans can, except caffeine, alcohol, avocado ...
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