Can Camels Swim?


Yes there are some camels that can swim. The 'swimming camels' which are from Gujarat were given recognition nationally by experts and scientists when two breeders of Kachchhi Karai were given facilitation by LIFE Network and the National Biodiversity Authority on January 10 at a function that was held in Chennai. The two received the Breed Saviour Award that is given for breed conservation and a book about the Kharai camel which is the only camel that can swim was also released at the function.
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camels can swim, yes!
The Bactrian camel can swim, despite the fact that there is little
Erection. Camel Toe can be re-adjusted or hidden with sorang/wrap. But an erection? Kinda has a tendency to stick out. Pun intended.
The Donkey would be the faster swimmer. Camels are not especially comfortable in water and can only really swim short distances.
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There are some who say that camels are the only animals that cannot swim, but this is not a fact. Camels can indeed swim for short periods of time if they have to but will go around water if they can.
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