Can Caterpillars Sting or Bite You?


Caterpillars can sting you but not all species of caterpillars do sting as they are leaf eaters. A sting from caterpillar can be irritating and they normally using fibres and hairs. This is normally done as a form of protection against predators.
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Don't panic, if you do it'll just make thing worse. If the caterpillar latched onto you try to GENTALY take it off and place it on the ground, do not stomp on it or kill it, once
More than 50 species of caterpillars in the United States are capable of
Those sound like bed bug bites, particularly the welt part. You should be able to find bed bugs as they are normally bigger than fleas. Look in the seams of your mattress. Look for
Nicole, Wasps sting, not bite, and they don't leave behind a stinger like bees do. In fact that's one of the main differences between a wasp and bee. See for a drawing of a wasp in
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