Can Catnip Get a Human High?


Catnip cannot physically get a human being high. For a person to feel high off of this product , they must be in a specific mental state. There are no addictive substances for humans in catnip.
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Humans can use catnip to help them sleep, for arthritis, for general joint aches and pains, and for a tooth ache. It is usually made into a tea. However pregnant woman should avoid
Catnip won't get you high it will only relax you and make
Catnip is the popular name for a plant of Asiatic origin called NAPETA CATARIA. It has a chemical within the stem and leaves called NEPETALACTONE. The names "catnip" and
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Some people say smoking catnip can produce a mild, relaxing high, but it's effects have not been fully researched. Catnip tea has been used for centuries to promote ...
Catnip give the high or euphoric affect to cats for ten to fifteen minutes. It isn't long lasting at all but cats love it and it is often used as an attractant ...
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