Can Cats Cry?


Cats can cry especially ageing cats that become disoriented and begin crying plaintively for no apparent reason. However, some cats may be seen shedding tears but this can be as a result of an irritant eye or a certain medical condition.
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Cats cry as a form of communication or when they are in heat. If it is just a meow it is probably for food or attention. If the cry is more of a yowl or extended high pitched whine
Symptoms interpreted as "crying and sneezing" usually involve discharge from the eyes and nostrils. Sneezing is often accompanied by coughing. A runny discharge may also
First, you need to understand how your cat's kidneys work. A cat's kidneys have the same functions as a human's kidneys: to filter waste products; to regulate electrolytes such as
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Cats are able to cry. They do not shed tears though. Usually when they cry it is a sad sounding meow, squeak, or scream. All cats have different voices so it depends on the particular cat and whether or not they are vocal.
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If your cat is in heat right now, there is not a lot you can do to stop her from crying. You can make an appointment with your vet. They will be able to schedule ...
UTL means urinary tract infection caused by bladder bacterial infection. The symptoms in cat are; x crying while urinating, the urine has some blood and making ...
A cat may cry when looking for companionship or attention. This is portrayed by giving a series of short mournful cries. Another cause your cat may be meowing ...
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