Can Cats Eat Fruit?


Cats are herbivores and survive on meat. However, you might though occasionally come across a cat eating fruits; they only do it because of hunger as a result of lack of the meat or the good scent of fruits. The domestic cat is in the same class as the wild cat like the tiger and the lions which are carnivores.
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Because they are hungry.
Kiwi is an exotic fruit native to China. A New Zealand bird is the namesake for the tiny fruit. A kiwi fruit has light-brown skin, bright green flesh and a white pulp center surrounded
Cats aren't ab;e to digest fruits and vegetables very well. It is best to stick with cat't-cats-eat-...
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You should talk with your vet to see if your cat can have fruit. Some fruit is okay for your cat and some fruit can be toxic to their system. The vet will be able to tell you what kind is okay for your cat.
Cats can eat fruit, but some are toxic to cats and even deadly. Avoid grapes, raisins and persimmons since those three are on the toxic list and could kill your kitty. Also watch out for acidic fruits since it might irritate the cat's tummy. You can find more information here:
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