Can Cats Eat Pork?


Cats can eat pork although it should be well cooked because cats can pick up parasites from undercooked pork, same as humans can. However do not feed too much processed ham or bacon, though, as these contain a lot of nitrites and salts which can strain the cat's kidneys.
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Jews can not eat pork because it is not Kosher. Any kind of animal that eats feces or other dead animals is not considered kosher. There are many more rules to determine if something
Non-vegetarian Christians can eat pork because the are not subject to kosher guidelines. Answer: Christians eat pork because they follow the traditions of their culture over the commandments
Your kitchen, in secret. When your neighbors, the media, the local authorities, PETA, or the SPCA find out, they'll be eating you.
Islam and Judaism cannot eat
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