Can Cats Eat Pork?


Cats can eat pork although it should be well cooked because cats can pick up parasites from undercooked pork, same as humans can. However do not feed too much processed ham or bacon, though, as these contain a lot of nitrites and salts which can strain the cat's kidneys.
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1. Place your lean pork on the cutting board and use a sharp knife to remove any external fat deposits left on by your butcher. Fat deposits will appear white and are much more firm
It depends on the feline family line, Asian Cats, or even Persian/Himilayan generally will not eat pork because the odor is not a familiar ofactory link in their brain to their normal
Cooked in a way that maximizes its characteristic flavor and texture, doesn't overcook/toughen/dry it out, and brings in interesting and/or exciting complementary flavors and textures
Because if you do not cook pork to 170 degrees F all the way through, you could contract a disease called Trichinosis. This involves little worm eggs to get into your muscles and
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