Can Cats Find Their Way Home?


It is true that if a cat does not wander too far it is possible for him/her to find their way back home. They accomplish this by using their strong sensory perception and put their smell, hearing, touch, and navigation skills to good use.
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Cats have been known to find their way home even when they have been left a long way away. They have what is called homing ability, where they use the position of the sun and the global magnetic field to find their way. They will be able to find their way home, but if their owners move away, the cat will find it hard to locate them.
Cats have a great sense of direction and can find their way back home from long distances. Your cat may follow another cat and roam away from home or they may be picked up by someone in a car. They can actually work their way back home over several weeks! So don't give up on your kitty when he goes missing right away. Maybe he can still find you.
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