Can Cats Get Colds?


Yes cat's can get cold's. If you have a cat that is sneezing or has a runny nose, it may have a cold. They may not be eating well, so that's another sign of having a cold.
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A cat must come in contact with the herpes virus and become infected to get cold sores and the virus isn't airborne. Contact can occur by rubbing or licking another cat during a herpes
Your cat is pretty clearly telling you that a litter box is going to be necessary in the winter time. All of the other options such as an area of heated sidewalk with a litter area
It may seem wierd, but when my cat got sick from a cold I made sure he stayed away from ANYONE. He had to remain in one warm place undisturbed. Don't get scared if he/she doesn't
Cold weather can be hard on cats just like it can be hard on people. can actually
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The rhinoviruses that cause the common cold in humans are not communicable to cats. Cats can get upper respiratory infections from other kinds of bacteria or viruses and these cause similar symptoms to the human common cold.
Cats can get colds but they are not the colds that humans come down with. Most colds that attacks cats are actually upper respiratory infections. They can get serious and may need attention from a veterinarian. You can find more information here:
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