Can Cats Use Human Antibiotics?


Cats can use some human antibiotics. However, the administration of these drugs must be done in small doses and under a lot of care so as to prevent overdose. Drugs such as Vitamin B, Dramamine, Buffered aspirin and pepto bismo are all safe for cats.
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Contrary to popular belief cat's do not age seven years for every year they are alive. Studies show that cat's age four years for every one year.
1. Carry the cat away from her kittens but close enough that she can still see, hear, and smell them. You don't want her to associate the antibiotic (and any connected discomfort
You cat sound like he has cat flu which is typcial symptoms include Sneezing and watery eyes. If you want your cat to LIVE NEVER GIVE HUMAN MEDICATION WITHOUT YOUR OWN VET ADVICE.
They said it's penicillin.
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Dogs' antibiotics are not the same as those of human beings. They are made using different chemicals and they can have very different reactions. For instance, ...
You should only give antibiotics to nursing cats on the instructions of a vet. The antibiotics can pass to the kittens. ...
A few antibiotics that are safe for cats would be Amoxicillin, Ampicillian, and Tetracycline. There are also certain forms of Penicillin that are good for cats ...
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